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We Start With a Professional Appreciation of Our Clients' Interest

The training business is very much based on trust. Our clients place a high level of trust in our integrity and professionalism whenever they make a decision to use our services -- and rely on us to do the "right thing" by them. We attribute much of our business success to taking care to uphold this standard in our work.

We always treat our business prospects with the same respect as clients -- just clients who don't really know us yet.

We Never Allow Email Address Files To Leave Our Office

We categorically never have, and never will rent, sell, loan or otherwise share our email address files with anyone. Our clients' trust is our most valuable asset -- and it is much too important to us to compromise it in this way. We manage our email distributions with our in-house staff working with our in-house computers -- our address database never goes to any third-party service providers.

We Always Offer and Honor "Remove" Requests

Telematix has a policy of always offering a remove opportunity with every email distribution, and of taking care to act on all removal requests. We never knowingly ignore or delay this process.