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The Telematix training business was designed with a strongly focused commitment to offer only programs that consistently exceed our delegates' expectations:

Quality of presentation is rigorously controlled through our recruiting criteria. We offer only the most experienced, congenial and effective communicators possible.

Quality of content is aggressively controlled through continuous editing and development of training manuals to ensure they are up-to-date with these dynamically changing topics.

Our Instructors reinforce the subject matter through varied presentation techniques including quizzes, workshop modules, on-line demonstrations, and video presentations where appropriate and feasible.

Our Manuals Are Really Textbooks

Telematix seminar manuals are unique in the industry. They are highly readable, factual self-contained technical reference books useful to delegates long after their initial learning experience has finished.

We use a publishing system that makes it practical to assemble a new edition of our course manuals for each class. This means that the latest updates and additions from our Editing Department are automatically included every time.

All of our manuals have several features that make them useful reference references long after the training course has ended:

The presentation material is prepared with discussions and descriptions in complete sentences. Thus, unlike terse bullet-formatted materials, this content is intelligible even without the instructor's interpretation.

We include frequent sketches and illustrations to complement the text material, creating a readable, highly effective format for learning.

Our manuals have a comprehensive Table of Contents that references textbook-style universal page numbers.

A textbook-style Subject Index (unique in the industry) that provides comprehensive subject references, making it practical to quickly locate key references.

A customized, detailed Encyclopaedic Glossary that contains references uniquely relevant to each training subject. This makes the glossary a far more useful adjunct to our manuals than the glossary material typically included in technical publications.