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The Transmission Control and Internet Protocols have, from the beginning, been the core elements of the burgeoning Internet with its many components. We emphasize the "Internet Architecture" term here to encourage thinking beyond the more limiting "TCP/IP" origins of this subject. This broader view recognizes the many elements that comprise this dynamic, developing field.

This portfolio of courses deals mainly with the upper five layers of the Open Systems Interconnection model of networking. The two lowest layers of this OSI model are typically implemented in hardware -- the primary scope of our series on Network Infrastructure Technology.

Internetworking Protocols; TCP/IP and the Next Generation (2 -to-3 days)
An intensive entry-level course emphasizing the basic concepts of TCP/IP-based networking. The program requires no prior knowledge of the subject, although students should have a background that includes familiarity with basic computing and networking principles.

The Internet Computing Architecture: TCP/IP and The Next Generation Protocols (5 days)
This workshop-style course substantially expands on the material covered in the preceding course, offering an intensive program that embraces the full scope of the subject, along with effective workshop and problem solving segments.

IPv6: A Framework For The Next Generation Internet (3 -to- 4 days)
This course is designed to fill a new requirement to provide networking professionals with essential knowledge of the new and emerging IP standards defining the shape and character of the future Internet.

IPv6 Security (2 days)
There are specific security issues and concerns associated with the new version of IP, and its associated network architecture. This course is designed to identify areas of vulnerability, demonstrate possible solutions and provide solid best practices recommendations to these problem areas.