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We offer the following five courses in the field of SCADA and Industrial Networked Systems:

SCADA and Industrial Computing Applications; Fundamentals, Principles and Emerging Trends (3 days)
SCADA and industrial networks are two important, unique areas of technology developed in this course. It focuses on those aspects of the subject that are handled differently in the industrial context, and shows the student how and why these differences must be respected.

SCADA Security Challenges and Solutions (2 days)
Developments in the way we use technology in industrial environments, and post 9/11 global realities demand an informed understanding of the issues that determine the security of our networks. This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of how to assess the security of existing systems, and how to take effective steps to render them acceptably secure.

Fieldbus and Sensor Networks (2 days)
This subject has been a promising component of this industry for some time, but has largely failed to meet expectations. Recent trends promise new opportunities for the industry to benefit from the overwhelming advantages that fieldbus technology offers.

Wireless Industrial and SCADA Networks (2 days)
Wireless technology has undergone remarkable change in recent time. Many of these developments have been motivated to serve the consumer market. This course is designed to offer a thorough treatment of all applicable wireless technologies, and leave students with an effective understanding of why and how each can be exploited in their working environments.