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We offer four Mobile Computing and Wireless Local Networks courses. Each program focuses on a different aspect of the wireless revolution.

Mobile Computing and The Wireless Internet: Data Services and Applications for Mobile/Cellular and Wireless LANs (3 days)
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the many facets of wireless technology, from first/second/third generation mobile/cellular systems to the wireless LAN phenomenon to Bluetooth -- the ubiquitous, invisible accessory.

Wireless Local Networks -- a Revolution In Local Access (2 days)
This newest of our courses introduces students to the widely popular wireless LAN phenomenon. It includes a concept-level review of wireless principles and develops a thorough base of knowledge in the unique aspects of wireless LAN design, implementation, management and security issues.

Making The Wireless Connection With Public Data Networks and Wireless LANs
(2 days)

This less technical course covers many of the same subjects as the two courses described above. It is intended as an introduction to the technologies and applications that are emerging in these exciting new areas.

Mobile Computing and The Wireless Internet: Developments in Cellular and Wireless LAN Systems (1 day)
This short course is a condensation of the material in the foregoing program with much the same scope, intended as a concept-level information session.