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Private, corporate on-site training is a very important segment of our training business. We offer all of the courses in our training curriculum as on-site or private programs.

We count more than 35 major corporations, government agencies and organizations in twenty countries on four continents as highly satisfied private clients. Telematix has presented hundreds of private courses to thousands of students in this way.

Training in this format offers compelling benefits to organizations that have a number of people with similar learning needs. These include:

  • Opportunity to define the content and desired emphasis suitable to the present needs of the organization
  • Opportunity to define schedule -- the where and when a course is delivered
  • Very favorable costs per student
  • Typically, very greatly reduced personnel 'down time' and associated travel costs

We typically find that our corporate clients have a set of specific learning priorities on which they wish to focus, therefore we usually deliver these courses customized to suit.

We have a very flexible publishing capability.
Our course manual publishing system makes it practical to assemble an arbitrary collection of training topics into a professionally formatted, page numbered and indexed student manual. Manuals for customized courses have the same professional, effective format as our standard course packages.

Where there is a small amount of customization required, we waive any associated fee. Of course, where major effort is required to develop customer-specific content, there is an additional charge for this service.

We have a large library of course material to draw from.
Additional material is often easily accommodated, since we are constantly preparing new material.

Often, private courses are needed because of some specific business priority, and we recognize that thoughtfully dealing with these unique requirements makes all the difference to the value of our service.