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We specialize in network-related training -- offering a variety of courses within the scope of this subject. Telematix has a reputation for delivering exceptional quality and value in all parts of our curriculum, and we are committed to building on this record.

Telematix delivers computer networks technical training services globally in two ways:

We sponsor public technical training programs in a number of venues and countries. Please review our course calendar for current programs and locations.

We offer private in-house training courses directly to organizations that have a number of delegates with a common training need. Private training sessions typically prove economically attractive when as few as 5 to 8 people can be brought together for such a session.

Feel free to contact us with a little information about which subject you are interested in, where you are located, and when you might possibly wish to have a training session -- and we will be pleased to provide you with a no-obligation budgetary proposal for a private course at your location.