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Unique Features of Telematix Seminar Manuals

The Telematix seminar manuals are designed to a standard of publication that is unique in the industry. Our manuals are designed to be highly readable, factual self-contained technical reference books that are useful to delegates long after their initial learning experience has finished.

We have custom-developed a major version-control software system which makes it practical for us to edit any component of our large library of presentation material without confusing our on-going manual publication activity. Our editing department is thus free to continuously update the technical material that appears in our manuals, without being constrained by specific presentation schedules. This insures that all changes are systematically, automatically integrated into manuals before they are printed for each session, and every manual is an up-to-the-minute snapshot of our latest content improvement efforts.

Publishing features that insure the utility of our student manuals will continue long after the seminar has ended include:
Presentation material is prepared with subject discussions in complete sentences in the text, making the content intelligible without the presenter's interpretation.

Frequent sketches and illustrations that complement the text material, creating a readable, highly effective format for learning.

A comprehensive Table of Contents which references our unique text-book style sequential front-to-back reference page numbers. Contrast with the the near-universal seminar manual page numbering scheme which uses chapter and page numbers (e.g. Page 8-2) -- very convenient for editors but a major disadvantage to anyone attempting to find their way around the document.

A textbook style Subject Index (unique in the industry) that provides comprehensive subject references, making it practical to quickly locate valuable references.

A customized, detailed Encyclopedic Glossary (derived from our comprehensive glossary database) which contains references uniquely relevant to each seminar subject -- making the glossary a far more useful adjunct to our manuals than the glossary material typically included in technical publications.