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The subject of Networking Infrastructure Technology covers a remarkable spectrum of technologies and applications. Here we describe six courses dealing with key aspects of the topic.

This course group focuses on technology associated with the lower two layers of the Open Systems Interconnection model of networking. This is largely a hardware subject, in contrast to topics covered in the upper layers of this reference model. The five upper layers of the OSI model are effectively covered in our series on the Internet Architecture.

Fundamentals of Networking (2 days)
This entry-level course introduces and develops the vital concepts and terminology that apply to the entire spectrum of computer networking. It is suitable for students without previous exposure to the subject.

Introduction to Telecommunications and Data Networking (2 days)
An entry-level program similar to the above, focusing more on general telecommunications principles. It will interest the same beginner-level student community, but focuses more on voice/video/data networking.

Principles of Networking: Established Practices and Emerging Solutions (2 days)
Principles of Networking is a junior -to- intermediate program that develops a practical, working level of knowledge. It is designed for students with a pre-existing familiarity of the subject ... a logical continuation for students who have attended one of the foregoing introductory courses.

Emerging Network Technologies: High Speed LAN and WAN Solutions (2 days)
This third course in our series provides a particular emphasis on trends and emerging technologies. It is an advanced course designed for students with a strong grounding in the subject.

Next Generation Networks: Current Developments and Emerging Trends (5 days)
This course is an aggregate of material from the intermediate-to-advanced content in the foregoing courses, adding a workshop component to effectively reinforce the formal course work.

Reinventing Telephony: The Voice Over IP Revolution (2 days)
Reinventing Telephony offers a broad introduction to the emerging subject of VoIP, designed for people who are not traditionally part of the voice telecommunications industry. It offers a practical concept-level understanding of this remarkable technology.