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These courses provide core skills for technical personnel as cable operators expand beyond the present to capture emerging opportunities for delivering voice over IP, and soon, delivery of entertainment content over IP (IPTV).

We offer three training courses to develop knowledge and build skills in this area:

Making The TCP/IP Connection Over Broadband Cable (2 days)
This course is designed to provide cable technicians and support personnel with a working understanding of Internet technology and connectivity principles. It will enable students to fully understand how cable systems support these services.

Making The Connection: Voice Over IP and Broadband Cable (2 days)
Making the Connection... focuses on the technical issues involved with the expanded bundle of services that operators are now able to offer as part of the Voice Over IP revolution in the broadband cable industry.

Voice Over IP Principles ... A Revolution in Broadband (1 day)
This introductory-level short course is designed to provide cable industry personnel with a concept-level view of the principles and issues of the emerging Voice Over IP over the broadband infrastructure. Voice Over IP is a technical subject -- this course minimizes the technical complexity, dealing with these topics at the concept level as much as possible.