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Voice Over IP Principles ... A Revolution in Broadband

This one-day course provides an introduction to the principles of Voice Over IP, and provide the student with a effective understanding of the major issues that confront a cable operation, as it moves to support telephone service over the broadband infrastructure.

Who Should Attend
The course is designed to appeal to anyone involved in the cable industry who needs an introduction to the issues and technologies that support VoIP without necessarily wanting to dig deeply into the subject -- or as an introduction to further study.

Course Material and Program Features
Each delegate is provided with a permanent, comprehensive workbook that is much more than a set of lecture notes. In addition to being a workbook designed to track with the lecture portion of the program, it is designed with features that give it real value as a permanent reference book.

Program Outline: Voice Over IP Principles ... A Revolution in Broadband

(i) Introduction
VoIP advantages to users and providers
Industry Participants; Standards and Forums
Expectations of Reliability and Quality
First Line vs. Second Line Services

(ii) TCP/IP Principles
Key Features of IP, TCP and UDP
Packet Loss and Delay Challenges
Real Time Protocol (RTP) and RTCP
Voice and Video Coding Techniques

(iii) Call Control and Service Alternatives
The Packetcable Configuration
H.323, SIP and MEGACO
Gatekeepers and Gateways
Softswitches and Media Gateways

(iv) Addresses, Numbers and Directories
Relating Telephone Numbers and IP Addresses
Common Channel Signaling (SS7) Concepts
Network Servers: DNS, DHCP, RADIUS and AAA
Record Keeping Functions

(v) Adapting the Cable Infrastructure
Achieving High Levels of Availability
Controlling Quality of Service
Managing Call Detail Records and Billing
Emergency Services (E911)

Glossary of Terminology
Suggestions For Further Reading

General Index


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