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Making the Connection: Voice Over IP Over Broadband Cable

This course was developed to assist cable operators' technical personnel in understanding the essentials of this compelling development in the industry's capability -- and the implications to their work responsibility. This course provides the student with a thorough treatment of the important aspects of developments in the provisioning of voice services over Internet Protocol over the broadband cable infrastructure. It provides a logical, understandable guide to the applicable technologies with an emphasis on the requirements of voice telephony service.

Who Should Attend
The course will appeal to a large cross-section cable industry people with an interest in this revolution that is overtaking both the traditional telephone industry and the cable industry.

Technical personnel -- managers and technical staff would all benefit from this clear, introductory-level presentation of the issues that are driving this revolution.

Course Material and Program Features
Where a live Internet connection is available in the classroom, this course program is presented with a series of IP applications used as demonstrations and/or workshop activities, as priorities permit.

Each student is provided with a comprehensive workbook which is much more than a set of lecture notes. In addition to being a workbook designed to track with the lecture portion of the program, its features give it real value as a permanent reference book.

These include:

  • All of our presentation materials are developed in the form of complete fully descriptive sentences, designed to be a highly readable, valuable reference on the job.
  • A text-book style Subject Index and a comprehensive Table of Contents, both designed to make sure the information in our manuals is easily accessible for future reference.
  • A thorough, highly useful subject-specific glossary providing detailed descriptive treatment of essential items of terminology.

Program Outline: Making The Connection: Voice Over IP Over Broadband Cable

(i) Telephony Background Topics
Changes in the Way We Use Telecommunications
Evolution From An Analog to Digital Infrastructure
Overview of Traditional Public Switched Telephone Network
Economic Issues That Motivate VoIP

(ii) Voice Over IP System Concepts
Terminology and Configuration Concepts
Gateways, Gateway Controllers, Softswitches ...
Market Participants
Packet- and Circuit-Switched Network Features

(iii) Local Access Technologies
The Last Mile Problem
Telephone Industry Solutions
Cable Industry Technologies
Emerging Power-Line Broadband Access

(iv) Voice Digitization Methods
Voice Coding Methods
Traditional Waveform Encoding
More Recently Developed Methods
Voice Coding Standards and Conventions

(iv) Primer: The Internet Architecture
Key Features of the Internet Computing Architecture
Introduction to Internet Protocol
Introduction to TCP and UDP
Addressing, Routing and Switching

(vi) Real-Time Extensions to The ICA
Quality of Service
Managed Services
Congestion-Aware Routing
Real Time Transport Protocol

(vii) Packet Network's Effect on Voice
Packet Delay Factors
Packet Size Interacts With Delay
Packets Filling Time Relates to Size
Echo Sources and Treatment

(viii) Call Control Signaling
Common Channel Signaling
The H.323 Suite of Protocols
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Features
Megaco/H.248 Protocols

(ix) DOCSIS and PacketCable
Softswitches and Media Gateways
DOCSIS Equipment Configurations and Protocols
The PacketCable Architecture
Security Issues With VoIP

Glossary of Terminology
Suggestions For Further Reading

General Index


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